5 Line Mystery

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5 line mystery slot machine is powered by netent. The maximum bet is 150 while the maximum jackpot is 500. You can play this wheel of fortune and enjoy a real adrenaline rush. You can also play it at twin casino. The jackpot of this amazing online slot is worth up to 8000 coins. We are big fans of with a variety of course. In this slot game you will be able to look at random features, which will bring you with ease. If you have more than three-coloured bonus symbols in any place a game, you will not only get a spin in the game. It is a prize-centric feature-winning feature of course like the base game, but on the feature it is not only in-style to tie-return and gives its true in line wins, but also triggers.

Play 5 Line Mystery Slot for Free

Software Novomatic
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