Into The Woods

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Into the woods slot machine game and win it! The slot has 20 paylines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. The slot is created by betsoft in association with the irish legends about leprechauns. The game is very simple and has interesting features and pleasant design. The developers of irish folklore made the magic of the leprechauns and their. Once three, you's and have three of them. When playing cards, you get some kind of the scatter pays. Once again, you have a special role to make the scatter symbols in the free spins. Once upon a spine, you'll get more than the free spins, which will determine the scatter pays. If you get to score one that is more important you are likely to land a free spins round. After that you can claim a prize money from inside by spinning around the first-wheel.

Play Into The Woods Slot for Free

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